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What to Organise

  • If you live alone you may want to arrange support from family, friends or whanau to assist in the home after discharge

  • Discuss options for Home Help, Personal care assistance, District Nursing, Health recovery agencies, and other health professionals with your Specialist and Selina Sutherland Nursing Team prior to admission

  • If your mobility is expected to reduce please consider relocation and positioning of your bed and furniture, access to your bathroom, meal provision, personal safety. Please discuss with us any concerns in these areas. This information will assist us to plan your discharge arrangements in partnership with you and your family.

Complete the Health Questionnaire & Forms
Complete the Health Questionnaire & Admission Forms:

It is important to complete our Admission Form & Health Questionnaire at your earliest convenience so that we are prepared to support you in the best way possible during your stay. A detailed health history allows us to plan your personalised care in discussion with your specialist and other health professionals and to ensure a safe transition from admission to discharge.

Pre-Assessment Clinics

Our patients who are undergoing surgery using Spinal or General Anaesthetic (GA) will require both a Nursing Pre-Operative Assessment as well as an appointment with the Anaesthetist who will be in Theatre with you on t he day of surgery. At these appointments, a range of discussion, education, consenting and tests occur. We will take your height, weight and blood pressure measurements. We will often send you for x-rays, bloods and perform an ECG depending on your age, medical history and type of procedure you are having. Patients having surgery under Local Anaesthetic (LA) such as for Carpal Tunnel Release do not require pre-op appointments. 

Please note. Our criteria for surgery at Selina Sutherland requires your BMI to be under 45. This is for safety reasons. If your BMI is higher than 45, our staff will discuss some options with you. This may include deferment of your surgery and referral to other services for weight loss support, or referral to a tertiary hospital who may be more equipped to support your needs.

Alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs:

We recommend that you avoid alcohol, cigarettes and drugs (other than those prescribed by your GP or specialist ) for at least 24 hours prior to admission. Failure to comply may result in your treatment or surgery being postponed. 

Please note that the Selina Sutherland Hospital on the Wairarapa hospital campus has a No Smoking or Vaping Policy. We do not allow alcohol consumption on site by patients or visitors.

Spiritual, cultural and interpreter services:

Please let us know if you have any spiritual or cultural needs, e.g. religious, dietary, personal beliefs, language support etc. You are welcome to have your tissue / body parts or explanted items such as metalware from previous surgery, returned to you. Please discuss this with your Specialist and members of the hospital nursing care team. A special section on your operation consent form assists us to meet your request.

If the services of an interpreter are required, please let us know well in advance of your admission to ensure that this is successfully arranged.

Your Health:
  • It is important that we are aware of any medication changes, or if you become unwell in any way - such as with an infection, skin irritation /breakdown or require a hospital admission for a health condition. It may be necessary to postpone your surgery to another date when you are well and your health has been optimised.

  • If you have been employed in a clinical care role or admitted to another hospital in NZ or overseas preceeding your admission, laboratory tests may need to be carried out.

Fasting Instructions:

You are required to follow the strict eating and drinking restrictions as per instruction in your letter of admission, on your admission pack or by telephone instruction by the hospital. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 063770277 if you do not understand. Failure to do so may mean postponement of your procedure. When you are asked not to eat this includes no sucking lollies or chewing gum.


Discuss with your specialist and/or GP any regular medications you are taking and bring all your usual medications to hospital in their original containers where possible. A detailed list from your general practitioner will help our doctors to prescribe correct medications for you. 

Patients on anticoagulants need to take special care. Anticoagulants (drugs that thin your blood) for example Warfarin or Pradaxa should not be taken prior to surgery without consulting your specialist and the hospital. Failure to stop taking your anticoagulant medications as advised could result in your procedure being postponed.

Alcohol, cigarettes & recreational drugs
Spiritual & Interpreter Services
Pre-Assessment Clinics
Your Health
Fasting Instructions
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