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Payment Options

Your specialist may discuss estimated costs with you or refer you to the hospital administration team to obtain this. It is important that you contact the hospital to arrange an estimate of costs before your admission on 063770277 so that you can contact your insurance company for prior approval.

Payment can be made by: Bank Transfer, Eftpos ( please be aware of your banks daily limits), Credit Card (surcharge applies at rate of 1.75 %).   Please note that we do not accept Amex. 

The estimate will have 3 components: surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital. The hospital fee is comprised of the following items:

  • Theatre fees ( based on time )

  • Medical supplies

  • Day Stay, Overnight, Multi-night Stays

  • High Dependency care (if applicable)

  • Special equipment and services

  • Implant / Prosthesis costs.


Please remember that these will only be estimates. They may be higher or lower than the amount you are finally charged if your treatment has been more or less complex than “average”. Actual costs are charged on an ‘as-used’ basis and can vary significantly from patient to patient even for the same procedure.

Medical / Surgical specialists are independent and are not employees, or agents of Selina Sutherland Hospital. As such, non-ACC patients will receive separate accounts.

As well as your hospital account you will receive accounts from your surgeon and/or physician. Please pay these accounts directly to them.

Terms & Conditions of Payment

Settlement of your Hospital account in full is required  within 7 days of receiving the invoice. Any debt collection, legal or other costs incurred in the collection of outstanding amounts will also be payable by you, the debtor.


If there is shortfall in your insurance cover or your policy requires a co-payment, please discuss payment of this prior to your surgery with our accounts team.

Overseas residents who are choosing to have surgery with us will be asked to make a deposit upon booking the surgery.  Please discuss the details of this with our accounts team.

Any variation to these terms will be at the discretion of Selina Sutherland Hospital management.

Non insured private paying patients should ensure they have received a written estimate of costs and have understood the terms and conditions of payment. 

Insured Patients

Some policies reimburse only a portion of your account, therefore you need to contact them to obtain your prior approval and understand any shortfall that is expected. Please provide our adminstration staff a copy of your prior approval before your surgery date. The ideal time to provide your Prior Approval to us is at pre-assessment or please email directly to:

ACC Patients

Surgery cannot go ahead without ACC approval, therefore we suggest that you confirm this with the hospital prior to admission. Pending dates for surgery are not confirmed until the funder (ACC) has notified the patient and hospital in writing and the hospital has notified the patient in writing of an actual date of surgery.

If your surgery has been approved under an ACC elective contract there is no charge to you other than sometimes a refundable bond for loan of special equipment. If approval is under ACC Regulations (co-payment) the shortfall is due for payment under our terms and conditions of payment.

Other Funded Patients

If your surgery has been approved by another funder, eg. War Veterans Affairs, there will be no charge to you other than a refundable bond on some special loan items.

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