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Holding Hands

Our Shared Vision - Te Matakite

Selina Sutherland Hospital identifies with the Wairarapa District Health Board’s vision
“Wairarapa ora ~ hauora pai mo te katoa” - “Well Wairarapa ~ better health for all”

Our Mision - Te Kaupapa

Selina Sutherland Hospital is committed to providing personalised health care of the highest standard

Our Values

whakamana tangata

According respect, courtesy and support to all

mana tu

Being inclusive, open, honest and ethical

Self Determination

Determining and taking responsibility for ones actions


Working collaboratively with other individuals and organisations


Striving for the highest standards in all that we do

About Selina Sutherland Hospital

Providing cost-effective, quality elective surgery close to home

Selina Sutherland The Woman - Selina Sutherland Private Hospital is named after a very feisty Scotswoman who,

in the 1860's, was instrumental in establishing the first hospital in Wairarapa.

Selina Sutherland Hospital in Masterton, established 1995, is the only private Surgical Hospital in the Wairarapa. We are the first point of referral for ACC related orthopaedic injuries, providing accessible and equitable elective surgery and consultations. Redeveloped and refurbished, a bright, modern facility - this hospital offers a choice for people to have specialist assessment, day surgery and operations and procedures that require a longer stay without travelling out of the region.

Our patients are the focus of our efforts. We believe that being close to family and support takes much of the worry out of surgery. Pre-assessment, follow-up and discharge planning can be arranged at one facility with your specialists and nursing team involved appropriately.

Being a low risk elective surgical hospital it is important that patients referred are fully 'worked up' and fit for surgery, that is x-rays performed, BMI less than 45, bloods and and general health communicated, smokefree or working towards it, any underlying infections or dental problems communicated to the orthopaedic team. This all saves time and reduces last minute cancellations of surgery.

The hospital is managed by a Board of Directors. Local surgeons and anaesthetists as well as a range of visiting specialists will care for you at Selina. Our consulting rooms and procedure rooms are conveniently located onsite, allowing for streamlined, efficient care by your health care professionals.


Selina Sutherland is co-located on the Wairarapa Hospital grounds and this alliance ensures convenient and timely access to x-ray, laboratory and other support services.

Selina Sutherland enjoys a privileged position in that we use the operating theatres in the DHB, equipped to provide high quality care, with easy access to all the DHB resources and expertise should the need arise. Having your treatment here really is the best of both worlds.

Wheelchair Guidance

Working together

Relationship between Selina Sutherland Hospital, the Specialists and health professionals using the hospital…

Selina is responsible for providing the facilities and nursing care during your operation and recovery. Your specialist is responsible for the operation itself and decides what medical care you require and your anaesthetist is responsible for the choice and administration of your anaesthetic. In addition, other health professionals may be involved in your care during and after your stay and may include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, specialist nurses, radiographers and physicians.

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