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At home

Please shower and wash your hair prior to admission, particularly if you expect to be unable to do this for a few days after your operation. Please also remove all make-up, nail polish, body piercings and jewellery prior to admission and do not apply moisturisers or hair gel.
Wear warm clothes to hospital as keeping warm before surgery can lower your chance of getting an infection.

What to Bring
  • All medications including inhalers and herbal medicines you are currently taking

  • Loose comfortable clothing

  • Sleepwear and personal toiletries (if staying overnight)

  • Personal aids, glasses, walking sticks, reading material etc

  • Insurance “prior approval” documentation if relevant

  • Your admission information booklet.

  • We suggest you bring your charger with you if you are bringing your mobile device.

What not to bring

Selina Sutherland Hospital does not accept responsibility for loss of personal items. Please do not bring any valuables eg. money, jewellery

It is important that you:
  • Arrange for someone to collect you from the hospital on discharge as you are not allowed to drive for 24 hours following a general anaesthetic or sedation

  • Do not wear make-up or nail polish on the day of admission

  • If you are a smoker, do not smoke for 24 hours before surgery

  • Avoid activities which may cause you to get cuts or scratches as this may result in your surgery being cancelled on the day due to infection risks.

Upon Admission

Your nurse will discuss the admission process with you, including any relevant medical information and your post-operative expectations and requirements.

Your written consent for treatment is required. Your surgeon will provide you with information about your procedure/operation and explain the possible risks and effects before your admission. If you have any concerns or questions it is important that you raise these before your admission or at any stage during your stay.

We schedule your admission time to allow for the admission process and aim to minimise your waiting time before you are escorted to theatre. Whilst we endeavour to minimise your waiting time, it is necessary to allow a cushion of time for the admission process which may include any special requirements requested by your surgeon or anaesthetist.

Checking In Procedures

To ensure your safety during your stay you will be asked several times to confirm your name and other details. Your specialist will visit to answer any questions you may have and to explain specific details related to your surgery or procedure. The site of the operation will be marked by your specialist at this time.


If they have not already done so, your anaesthetist will examine you and discuss your medical history, anaesthetic requirements and pain relief. It is important that you tell your anaesthetist about any allergies or medical conditions that you may have.

Your admitting nurse will give you special theatre clothing to wear. You will be transferred to the operating Theatre and greeted by a theatre nurse.

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Upon Admission
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